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Withdrawing from everyday cares, however sensible, is not always easy in our complex world. When you arrive at Machaca Hill, you’re already well on your way to the tranquility you seek; we are here to make the transition as effortless as possible. Meditation is perhaps the most effective way to distance oneself from stress. Our Spa Staff expertly provides the setting, sensibility and clarity to unlock the stillness at the center of your inner self. Thus inspired, you may find delight in every remaining moment you’re under the Machaca spell.

The enduring value of a true getaway is, ironically, most evident when we return to our regular lives. The memories and afterimages are, of course, etched in our thoughts for all time. But the true afterglow comes from a sense that we really relaxed. And relaxing is more than simply lying on a chaise in the sun. It is the thorough cleansing and reordering of the body, mind and spirit. Which brings us to the delights of our paradisiacal spa. Great care and pride have gone into creating an environment apart. The riverstone cladding, candlelit niches, soothing music, scented air, and sculptural tree-trunk fountain all contribute to an ordered calm…and then there’s the jungle, just beyond the wall of sheer glass, beckoning.

All is under the gentle tutelage of our spa director extraordinaire. She will see to it that the ideal balance is achieved between the excitement of Machaca Magic in all its daily manifestations, and the inner peace and satisfaction that accompany you back home.